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3D Game Programming

Royal Cyber Club - 3D Game Programming

Does your child wonder about some game making tools to learn more advanced software?

  • Import open source projects, and various assets from its vast library
  • Learn the basic and fundamental game designing and developing concepts and terminology
  • Navigate and use the interface and understand advantages over other available tools.
  • Understand basic usage of components, and its advantages:
  • Intro to Lighting & Shading, Particle Emitter, etc…
  • Learn the basics of setting up a scene to understand concepts of shadow distance, texture quality, layers, camera, render path, level of details, batching and a lot more.
  • No programming or gaming experience needed to start creating basic games with this class.
  • It has a wonderful outside community where your child can find advanced resources to learn more.
  • It has a vast library for assets, and scripted components ready to be used in their personal games (ie. fire, water, smoke, etc…).
  • It can also be used by someone who is an experienced game developer, because they can modify or even write scripts for the effect they need for their game. This is extremely helpful because it teaches and enhances scripting (ie. C# Scripting) which is vital for STEM field!

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