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3D Modeling 1

Royal Cyber Club - 3D Modeling 1

Does your child want to learn how to create 3D Models, to showcase their structural idea or models for their games?

  • Learn the 3D Modeling concepts and how to navigate within the 3D software
  • Create your structure/model with walls, doors, windows and other objects
  • Export files into advance software
  • Add color, textures, shadows and lighting to your models. With this, you are only limited by your imagination!
  • Produce and share awesome presentation renderings.
  • Import open source projects in your projects to get the look and feel you need without needing to create every single object for your structure/model.
  • Kids will understand the benefits of STEM field via this class because this class shows and teaches kids the basic aspects of engineering field. This knowledge can be used for higher and more complicated software such as AutoCAD. Proper base foundation goes a long way in understanding designing concepts and tools!
  • Kids will use comprehensive software yet intuitive, simple and easy to use!
  • The platform lets users create initial design where users can generate a whole series of interior and exterior models.
  • If users have initially worked within any CAD software, they’re also able to import and export models between popular software.
  • Within software kids can do a lot and grow within modeling: 3D Modeling, Analysis & Advanced Operations, File Exchange, Model Organization, Presentation, 2D Drawings, Context Modeling and a lot more.

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