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3D Modeling 2

Royal Cyber Club - 3D Modeling 2

Does your child want to create 3D Models with precision?

  • Use Boolean Operations (programming concepts) on shapes
  • Use 3D modeling tools to create structures (ie. House, Jeep, etc…)
  • Modeling with straight or revolution extrusions, sections and fillets
  • Work within the robot simulation module and drawing sheets modules
  • Learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling and designing (including basic terminologies)
  • Learn to import and export your models (to standard formats) into advanced software for further tweaking.
  • No prior 3D modeling or designing experience required to create wonderful models.
  • Understand basics of 3D modeling using
  • primitive creations (boxes, spheres, cylinders, etc…)
  • modification operations (translation, rotation, scaling, mirroring, offset, etc…)
  • Boolean operations (union, difference, intersect, etc…)
  • Topological components like vertices, edges, wires, planes using Python scripting.
  • Be able to use scripting framework and Python console.
  • Be able to play with micro recording and editing features.

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