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Game Assets Creation

Royal Cyber Club - Game Assets Creation

Does your child want to create games with their personalized assets?

  • Work with a sculpting tool and particles
  • Create and animate a project (ie. spring)
  • Tips and tricks to add textures and patterns perfectly on to your objects
  • Work with interface and tools (spin, spin duplicate, bevel, extrude, screw modifier, skin)
  • Learn how to model your 3D assets with polygon meshes, so you can extrude and reshape objects (ie. cone, cube, cylinder, sphere, torus, etc…)
  • Learn rigging and skinning, sculpting animation, and camera/object tracking. Once the software is mastered, you can render 3D in the same league as other higher and expensive software such as Maya and 3D studio.
  • You can have your personalized assets within your game rather than buying from the online stores.
  • When assets are created and ready to be implemented in games; the game creation process gets easier and faster with proper management.
  • Assist you in creating simulations, and animations for almost all industry in the STEM field (ie. Mechanical engineering, Simulations for military, demos for medical tools, etc..).
  • Creating assets is generally a task within a game project, so managing this task well in the beginning will save you time and headaches later on. Time well spent on finalizing assets at the beginning of the game project is better, rather than handling way too many tasks at once later on (and might miss or overlook an important task in game creation projects).

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