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Junior 2D Game Programming

Royal Cyber Club - Junior 2D Game Programming

Does your child want to learn how to program or code without knowing any programming languages?

Let kids make the connection, enable them to learn new things, practice their creativity, and develop new ways of expressing themselves.

  • Create interactive games with pre-programmed sprites (action blocks)
  • Learn how to snap blocks together to control the objects within the game
  • Learn the basics of programming enabling them to take higher level of STEM field classes
  • Learn how to work with variables to create new personalized and scripted action blocks (ie: Create your own live score board for your game)
  • Most higher end programming languages require the knowledge of basic programming logic and mathematics which they’ll learn from this class.
  • Debugging is one of the aspect that can be taught using programs which leads to better problem solving skills!
  • Learn how to work collaboratively with other people.
  • Learning how to experiment with new ideas.
  • Learn how to find and fix bugs when things go wrong in the program. How to handle frustration when things don’t work out well in the first try.
  • Letting kids create the logic using pre-programmed block allows them to use their creativity to create their games. They’re able to share their custom interactive stories, games and animations with one another.
  • Wonderful technical community which will allow your kids to learn more and give back to the community. Let the kids express themselves and their ideas!
  • For example: Animated Stories. School’s science projects. Virtual construction kits. Recreations of video games. Trigonometry tutorial. Mother Day cards.

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