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Junior 3D Game Design

Royal Cyber Club - Junior 3D Game Design

Does your child want to create 3D games with little to no experience on how to create 3D Games?

Let them learn how to make a 3D Game with “Junior 3D Game Design” class!

  • Have a firm grasp on core designing tools such as creating personal worlds from scratch.
  • Create personal worlds, levels, adventures, quests, etc
  • Learn the fundamentals of basic video game design;
  • Levels with different elements (lava/water),
  • Set up goals that the characters need to achieve
  • Create enemies (person or an object)
  • Texture environments
  • Create particles, lights, and entities!
  • User (kid) friendly interface


  • Modify the world however the student wants just with a simple click and roll of a mouse wheel.
  • Learning lots of different game modes such as Sidescroller, RPG, Machinima, Kartmode, and more!!
  • With scripting more mode features are also available such as Racemode, Waterwars, Hide and Seek, Digging and Building, customization water waves.
  • Kids learn the fundamentals of video game designing.
  • Fundamental Physics is also involved such as physics on a bullet (falls down, etc)
  • Be able to go from the editing mode to game mode easily with just one click/shortcut.

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