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Junior 3D Game Programming

Royal Cyber Club - Junior 3D Game Programming

Does your child want to learn how to create a 3D game? Take our Junior 3D Game Programming class to learn how to create 3D games!

  • Use action blocks within the game environment.
  • Learn how to use available tools properly for its purposes.
  • Customize the action blocks for the effect kids want in their game.
  • Kids will learn how to manage landscapes for their games, interactive terrain editor. They can make elaborated landscapes, more complicated and immersive games!
  • Kids will be working in an action block (icon-based) programming environment. They don’t need to be a programmer, but they’ll understand the programming concepts such as oriented object programming and logic.
  • Those action blocks are programmed using physical and real world concepts (ie: collision, pickups, gravity, etc…  )
  • The game created by kids within this class can be played on Xbox as well!

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