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LEGO® Robotics Intermediate

Royal Cyber Club - Lego Robotics Intermediate

Does your child want to learn programming with LEGO® blocks?

LEGO® Robotics Intermediate is a highly effective class in developing teamwork and self-confidence within kids as well.

  • Learn advanced concepts of programming
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Proximity sensor control
  • Virtual path following
  • Design a LEGO® structure (such as a robot), and build a challenge-related model using different kits
  • Work with Motors, axles, gears, sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and a lot more within different projects
  • Program the personalized structure within the software to see physical outcome on the LEGO® structure
  • Robotics combines LEGO® building, computer programming, problem-solving skills, and team work in a fun and a challenging environment.
  • With Robotics being a fun and a creative field, kids will explore STEM field themselves to understand the advance concepts of autonomous machines which can complete useful tasks in a fun and interactive way!
  • Other skills kids can pick up from these classes are as follows:
  • Project Management
  • How to break up a complex code into simple manageable parts
  • Use simple tasks to create a complex behaviors
  • Debug (find and fix the bugs). Troubleshooting. Problem analysis.
  • Build critical thinking and problem solving skills which can be used now and in the future for any career field.

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